Zero Risk Purchase Plan

1) TeLue website provides you with detailed information about our products.

2) Express delivery to you of sample parts cut by our machines.

3) Live demonstration by cutting your parts with your material and drawing at our sales centers.

4) We invite you to visit our past customers.

5) You can test the quality of our machines over a longer period of time by outsourcing your wire cut parts to our jobbing centers.

6) TeLue gurantees exchange and/or return for companies with good credit and sufficient capital. 


Customer Service: Quick response, On time service

1) Free machine installation and setup, on-site operator training .

2) Daily telephone technical support from 8:00 - 22:00 through weekends and holidays, providing you with quick diagnostics and solutions to your questions.

3) Technical support over QQ web chat.

4) On-site technical support will arrive within 24-48hrs, depending on customer location.

5) Scheduled/non-scheduled return visits to update machine condition and establish better customer service.

6) Establish customer data file, increase customer care, and send timely reminders for scheduled machine upkeep.

7) Long term provision of parts and accessories.